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Hi! Before you enter the website I have a couple of things to say.

1) Despite the fact that I live in Russia, I'm one of reasonable majority of Russians who don't support the war in Ukraine. We try to do our best to stop that - a lot of people are everyday protesting in the streets or/and attract attention on social medias. Please remember that all of that are out of law here and these people take the highest risk. Even a post on Instagram (and this text by the way too) may condemn you up to 15 years in jail. So that what I want to say: please don't judge Russians by their goverment. 

2) Sanctions got strongest hit on exactly democratic, Europeanised and modern people. Whole creative class of Russians got the strongest impact. A lot of freelance platform and payment services left Russia. PayPal doesn't work here anymore, Instagram blocked, Upwork doesn't want to deal with Russians. It's just a small part. That logic may be understandable, but for now all of that pressure tools choke exactly those people who are against the war.

3) As you may guess I'm one of those who suffered from sanctions. First of all - I can't take payments via PayPal or Payoneer anymore. So if you want to be my client or get a license on my music - we have only one way to process a payment: a bank transfer on requisites. 
Another sad thing: if you want to buy something of mine on Bandcamp you should remember that I won't get your money. I'm sorry but they use Paypal only.

But there are still a couple ways to support me if you want that.

1) You can become my patron on Boosty. Also you'll get a really unique content there.

2) You can buy a license on my music. Or hire me as a composer or sound designer. My contact and all info you'll find on my website on the "how-to-use" page.

3) If you are musician you can hire me for mixing and mastering for a very reasonable price. Don't hesitate to contact me!

Well, thank you so much for reading and support!


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