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Something close to a F.A.Q. that you should take into consideration before contacting me:

1) Please pay attention to a license of the track. I release my tracks under 3 different licenses: Copyright, CC-BY-NC and CC-BY.

CC-BY-NC - The most of my tracks were released under CC-BY-NC. You can use these tracks with an obligatory attribution in your non-commercial production. If you want to use this kind of track in a commercial product - please contact me.

CC-BY - Also you can find a lot of my tracks released under CC-BY. This license let you use these tracks in a non-commercial AND a commercial production for free if you can indicate an authorship. If you want to use this kind of track but you can't indicate an authorship - please contact me. The full list of these tracks you can find below.

Copyright - And finally the Copyright. Yes, based on the letter of the law you can't use these tracks in your production without licensing. However I won't mind if you use it in your NON-commercial production with attribution (if desired). But firstly I can't guarantee that if you used a track that was released via label that the label won't mind either. And also you should be ready that your YouTube monetisation will be moved to me or a label. If you're okay with this - please go ahead. Or contact me for a license :)

2) If you want to support me please use donations or become my patron here -
Also you can listen to my music on any streaming service you like. It's a great way of support me too.

It doesn’t counter the fact that you can download my music for free without violating laws of any country. And also to use it in a NON-commercial work (like video). It's totally okay. If you got any problem with it, please let me know.

3) Crypto (ETH, USDT) payments only.

4) I don’t take a part in little projects for interest money.

Still have a question? Don't hesitate to contact me -


You can freely use these tracks in any commercial project with the obligatory indication of authorship.



- Documentary, short, etc – 300 Euros.
- Mobile video game – 600 Euros.
- Web and TV advertising, etc – 1000 Euros.
- Full-length, big videogame, etc – 1500 Euros.


- Exclusive and commercial - from 3000 Euros.

The cost for work in big projects (like film- or TV show- scoring) is calculated individually.

More than one track at once - I'll give you a discount. 
Final prices inquire by e-mail:

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